I was asked yesterday if all we did at Firefly was go to parties? I can feel those of you in the business literally cringing… we have all been there, having to try and come up with an answer that doesn’t sound overly defensive and doesn’t involve the use of accompanying hand gestures, whilst trying to describe what we actually do.

On that note and with a hint of sarcasm, we picked the top three myths and have proceeded to debunk them.

Myth 1:  Anyone can be an event planner

We just completed the planning and delivery of conference organising attendees from all over the country, arranged all speakers and social activities for the event however, I can see how that is similar to booking a caterer for your child’s birthday party.

The fact is, we are highly organised, multi tasking professionals with excellent problem solving capabilities, that is what makes us event planners.

Myth 2:  As an event planner you get to go to parties all the time

This statement is technically true however we are working, we are often seen running around, liaising with our client, caterers, the audio visual team and any other stakeholders that may be involved. We also need to be readily available to  troubleshoot any obstacles that arise. Sound like your idea of a ‘party’?

Myth 3:  All event planners work part time

This is where non-traditional hours come into play. We are no longer a 9 – 5 society and for the most part Monday to Friday work only, is also a thing of the past. This is one of the reasons at Firefly we have a mobile number as our office line, your event planner may need a few hours off but there will always be someone else able to help.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog and welcome all thoughts on the post.

Words by:
Samantha Horton, Firefly Events Managing Director