Conference organisation can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. For those like myself who enjoy the planning side of an event, conferences really give you something to throw yourself into, as there is so much going on!

Please find below just three reasons why we love conferences:

1.  The opportunity to showcase a clients brand

Whether the conference is internal or external, these types of events  (providing it is implemented effectively) provide a platform for positive brand exposure. Do you have something you need to showcase in 2016?

2.  Internal conferences: Getting teams fired up!

Gone are the days of cheesy team building activities with halfhearted participants. There are some fantastic ideas out there and feeling the camaraderie in the room after an afternoon of seeing employers really investing in their teams, truly is rewarding.

3.  External conferences: Witnessing new business relationships form

As an external party looking in, it is great to see business relationships form during networking functions at conferences. These functions allow delegates to mingle in a relaxed setting, with great food and entertainment. Much more pleasant than in an office or boardroom!

And finally one of the major things we love about conferences is seeing all the hard work come together in the end and form a successful event. We hope you have enjoyed the post, please feel free to share it.

Words by:
Samantha Horton, Firefly Events Managing Director