The fast paced world of technology is taking the event industry by storm, with new and improved devices and methods of interaction revolutionising the way we host and attend events. I’m talking holograms, apps and social media – a virtual world at our fingertips.

From conference schedules and timetables to event entertainment, event planners are embracing the digital age.

Looking back, a number of large events I have run in the past would have greatly benefited from the use of more technology.

An event app – genius! Not only does it give all your conference attendees access to information at the touch of a button, but it allows event planners to easily update schedules and any event changes (and get rid of printing costs).

How often do you attend a conference or an event these days and they say ‘no phones’? It’s no longer etiquette to switch your phone off. In fact, it’s encouraged to document your experience. It’s all about embracing and creating an experience that is new, exciting and flaunted on social media.

With all these smartphones ready to document the events every move, you want entertainment that is going to impress.

Can’t get an act to your event, or need them in two places at once? Easy – create a hologram. Not only does it project an amazing, lifelike vision, it also provides that wow factor. What about a hologram menu in the middle of the table or a hologram greeting your guests? More and more vendors in Australia, including my own Firefly Events, are working with this amazing technology.

Another way events are embracing the digital age is by using social media as a form of entertainment. It isn’t just about sharing the event with the outside world; it’s about communication between the audience and the person at the podium to generate and increase interaction and spur discussion.

Event organisers are now utilising and encouraging audience’s social media real-time conversations as contributing entertainment. Think Instagram and Twitter feeds rolling on a screen at the event for everyone to see, hashtags, check-ins, posts and those alike to increase involvement, interaction and interest.

Virtual reality is no longer out of reach. Now is the time to embrace the digital age and truly impress your clients.

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Author: Samantha Horton, Firefly Events Managing Director