Location, location, location! It’s so important to choose a venue that not only suits the type of event you’re hosting, but also represents your brand.


Creating a realistic budget and sticking to it is necessary for any successful event. Setting a budget for your location should be one of the first steps of planning your event and will help you and your event planner select the perfect venue. Make sure you ask what is and isn’t included in the venue cost, so no surprise costs pop up.

Event type

The style of event you choose to have should be complemented by the venue. Whether it’s an intimate cocktail reception, dinner under the stars, large conference or Christmas party, you want the venue to make an impact. Are the gardens accessible to guests, if you want the event outside? Is there a wet weather option? Will the existing venue décor suit the style of the event?

Location and Parking

Convenience for your guests is key when organising any event.

Are the venues you are considering in an accessible location for your guests? Are people going to be driving to the event, or will the majority arrive by taxis or public transport? Should you be organising transport for them?

These are all points you need to consider when choosing a venue to ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience.

Words by:
Samantha Horton, Firefly Events Managing Director