Grand budgets do not always lead to amazing events. If you’re clever with your styling and choice of venue, you can still host an event to remember.  It’s all in the planning – get organised, have a clear vision and budget and most importantly, keep it simple and stylish.

1.  Make the venue work for you

If you know you have limited funds from the beginning, select a venue with some character. Features like high ceilings, timber beams, exposed brick, chandeliers, printed carpets and drapes all help to create atmosphere. Atmosphere is something money can’t buy… so on a tight budget these included venue features are your best friend. By not having to work with a blank canvas, you are already one step ahead.

2.  Keep it simple

We’ve all been to an event where there’s just too much going on and it’s hard to know where to look. Avoid this mistake by picking a colour scheme and sticking with it.  Whether a seasonal colour palate suits your event, or you’re using your corporate colours to theme, choose this element at the beginning to ensure there is a clear theme. Too much going on can lead to the room looking poorly put together. Consistency is key!

3.  Let the type of event dictate the rest of the spend

If it’s a sit down, three-course dinner, simple florals aligned with your colour scheme should suffice. Alternatively, if it’s a high tea or garden party let the food be the focal point and perhaps incorporate some coloured glasswear and napkins. Lighting can also be a simple and cost effective way to add atmosphere. Festoon lighting is perfect for dressing marquees and outdoor events, while candles of all shapes and sizes can be used to dress even the simplest venues.

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Words by
Samantha Horton, Owner & Event Producer