When hosting any event, you want your guests to have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Choosing the right event management company will ensure you and your guests attend an event to remember.

Level of experience

Experience and attention to detail are qualities your event management should encompass.

Speak with the company about past events they have worked on and what types of events they specialise in. Ask to speak to past clients or for client testimonies. Your event is important and you should have an experienced and reliable event manager planning it.

You need to click

You and your event manager will need to communicate on a regular basis. Event organising can be stressful and it often takes a number of planning hours, including lots of client and event manager conversations. Make sure you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with your planner and if you don’t think you can work well together, don’t risk a tense planning relationship and choose another company. Trust your instinct.

 Quality suppliers mean a quality event

It doesn’t matter how well an event is organised, if your event isn’t using the best suppliers your guests will notice.  Some events rely heavily on audio-visual equipment, others on specific styling; it’s worth taking the time to source appripriate suppliers (or let your event planner recommend the best). Your event is a reflection of your brand, so it’s important not to cut corners. During your initial conversations with your planner, ask them who their suppliers are and why they like working with them.

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Words by
Samantha Horton, Owner & Event Producer