Our very first interview features Kelly Hawke from Hawke and Co. Creative, a PR agency based in Spring Hill Brisbane. Kelly’s extensive PR knowledge had us diving into the interview to find out her best tips for planning events.

What are your three top PR tips for hosting a successful event?

1.  Make sure you start marketing your event as soon as possible, even if it’s just a teaser before the main event is announced or tickets go on sale.

2.  Be prepared people will cancel on the day. If you’re relying on people to fill a room, or VIPs to attend for star power, have some backups (or invite a few extras).

3.  Do it all with a smile! If something goes wrong, or a speaker or VIP doesn’t show up, don’t let it be obvious to your guests. Keep keeping on.

Do you think it’s necessary to have an online community before hosting an event?

It really depends on the event and who the target market is. If it’s a tech event, or an opening of a trendy restaurant I would expect there to be a presence online and through social media.

How much PR effort do you think goes into an event being successful?

I think the right PR and marketing can make or break an event.

How important is it that your PR firm understands your event?

It’s important that whoever you work with wants the best for your business and event. It doesn’t mean they have to ‘understand’ it, or be an expert in that particular topic or industry, but it’s imperative that they care and provide the highest standard of their services.

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